Impact of Lighting and Cleaning on IAQ, Energy, & Productivity

Presented by: R. C. Herrin, Facilities Consultant

Lighting and Cleaning will address different cleaning processes and procedures and the effect they have on the indoor air environment and the occupants and staff. How we can best positively impact our facilities during routine cleaning and what to do when you get an outbreak of viruses. The impact that lighting has on the indoor environment, energy consumption, mood and productivity of occupants. The constant changes taking place in lighting technology and what the future has in store. Evaluation of the positive impact lighting upgrades can have on budget bottom lines.

About R. C. Herrin:

R.C. Herrin is a former Certified Energy Manager, former Certified Energy Auditor, former Accredited Texas Energy Manager and formerly served on the board of directors for the Texas Energy Managers Association. R.C. has served for 12 years in various capacities in the Hays CISD schools district and as a  former Executive Director of Maintenance and Operations.  R.C. has worked for three school districts during his 34-year stint in school operations beginning as a grounds supervisor, Integrated Pest Management Coordinator and non-commercial applicator for 21 years at Bridge City ISD. In 2015, R.C. was requested by Manor ISD to hold the position of Interim Director of Facilities and New Construction.

Working at Manor ISD for seven months from November 2015 to June 2016 R.C.  developed operational manuals for both internal and external processes as well as improving communication at the campus and district level by developing a monthly newsletter. The first process covered a custodial plan aligning custodial schedules to increase productivity, along with standardizing methods for cleaning through an effective training program. Also in custodial operations purchasing riding auto scrubbers for all locations to improve cleanliness and staff productivity. Lastly, lowering custodial supply costs freeing up scarce funds to reallocate to purchase custodial equipment and entrance walk off mats. At Manor in Energy Management, developed district energy program approved by the school board to use electricity savings using sound energy processes and reallocate the proceeds. 10% of savings to campus, 40% of savings to fund future energy projects and 50% to fund balance. Also during this time at Manor, developed night maintenance program focusing on preventive maintenance PM in HVAC. In closing at Manor, building new construction standards for buildings using life cycle costing and sustainability. Areas of responsibility include custodial, energy management, maintenance and grounds.

At Hays CISD, R.C. has 12 years in administrative experience in Facilities and Transportation. In this capacity R.C. has reduced utility costs by 48% saving 5.8 million dollars. R.C. enacted a night maintenance program reducing reactive maintenance by 20%. R.C. constructed at Hays CISD a satellite transportation facility using in-house personnel reducing mileage and raising linear density by 12%. R.C. incorporated polished concrete into Hays CISD facilities moving to a green flooring system. R.C. led the project to designate Hays CISD 23 campuses as “Energy Star” facilities. R.C.’s Hays CISD energy management program was selected in 2011 for the FMXcellence award by Building Operating Management magazine.  R.C. Herrin areas of supervision at Hays CISD was Energy Management, Maintenance, Transportation and Custodial Operations.