Improving IAQ and Saving LOTS of Energy – Smart Retrofitting of Commercial HVAC

Presented by Barry Stephens, Ventacity Systems, Inc, Portland OR

This session will report on pilot project case studies developed in cooperation with the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) and RDH Building Science. These studies compare before and after energy usage and IAQ measurements in a range of climates and building types. The response from both the data monitoring and occupants’ feedback has been very positive, while the significant energy savings as modeled have been found to be consistent in actual measured performance of these buildings.

With very aggressive energy/carbon reduction goals in jurisdictions across North America, these findings have major implications for proven methods of both increasing energy efficiency and enhancing the health and wellness of occupants in offices, schools, restaurants, retail stores and more.

Attendees will learn:

  • How achieving large goals in energy efficiency can also result in significant improvements in IAQ
  • Why IAQ improvements are possible in many types of commercial and institutioinal buildings
  • Why DOAS works better than Packaged Roof Top Units (RTUs)
  • Why efficiency in heat recovery ventilation systems matters

About Barry Stephens:

Barry Stephens is the Northeast Regional Sales Manager for Ventacity Systems, Inc. He joined Ventacity, a startup manufacturer of very high performance HRVs, in March 2016. Prior to joining Ventacity he was the Business Development & Technology Director at Zehnder America, Inc. Zehnder is a global leader in manufacturing heat recovery ventilation systems based in Granichen, Switzerland. He led the introduction of Zehnder systems in North America, and was involved with design, installation and commissioning of these systems in projects across North America, including Solar Decathlon teams, NZE homes, Passive House projects and other very high performance buildings. He has presented at conferences across North America since 2010.