The Maine Indoor Air Quality Council is an interdisciplinary cooperative of professionals formed in 1998 to promote the improvement of all indoor air environments in the state. The Council operates according to the principle that understanding indoor air quality requires a multi-dimensional approach. Consequently, the Council and its Board brings together diverse professionals from the medical, technical and policy arenas to work towards a common goal. Our membership includes physicians & nurses, engineers, maintenance managers, lawyers, toxicologists, insurers, industrial hygienists, respiratory therapists, educators, architects, legislators and public policy decision-makers.

Our mission statement: 

1.         The mission of the Council shall be “to promote better quality of life through improved indoor environments”.

2.         The Council shall identify and promote best practices for building and maintaining healthy, energy efficient indoor environments.  The Council shall recommend credible and science-based (peer reviewed whenever possible) resources based on the information available to the Council.

3.         The Council shall coordinate indoor environmental improvement efforts between state agencies and the private sector.

4.         The Council shall raise public awareness of indoor air quality and energy efficiency as they impact quality of life and productivity.

5.         The Council shall promote educational activities in accordance with its mission.

The Council’s History

As indoor air quality concerns have increased in importance over the past several years, so has the need for better technical guidance, coordination and education. The Indoor Air Quality Task Force of the Maine Environmental Priorities Project recommended the establishment of this council as a mechanism by which this work would be conducted in the state. With the support of the American Lung Association of Maine and the Maine Department of Human Services, the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council was formed. It was incorporated in March 1998, and received not-for-profit 501(c)(3) status in December 1999.

Since its inception, the Council has worked closely with numerous public and private entities to provide education and technical resources.


  • Breakfast Seminar Series
  • Annual IAQ Conferences
  • Consensus “Best Practice” Recommendations for School Air Quality, IAQ Testing, Floorcoverings, New Residential Construction, and Building Commissioning
  • Electronic Newsletter
  • Foundational Policy Statements
  • First Maine web-site dedicated to IAQ
  • Recognized resource for public policy decision-makers


MIAQC Committees

Much of the Council’s work will be done through the various standing and ad hoc committees. The committees represent the major mechanism by which Council members can be involved, and participation is strongly encouraged.

MIAQC members have the opportunity to serve on one of the four working Committees. The interdisciplinary nature of the Council and its committees provides an effective environment for the development of “best practice” and policy recommendations to address IAQconcerns, as well as for the development of educational programs of value to all professionals involved in IAQ.

To help in preventing spam, all e-mail addresses will be listed in the following manner:  NAME AT SERVERNAME DOT COM. 

Best PracticesCommittee:


  • Promotion of interdisciplinary approaches to diagnose and solve indoor air quality problems
  • Develop indicators of healthy/unhealthy indoor air quality
  • Review/develop resources
  • Develop consensus best practice principles to achieve and maintain healthy indoor air


Frank Gioffre
Healthy Homes with Energy Solutions
Clinton, ME
frank AT freshairventilation DOT net

Public Policy Committee:


  • Synthesize best practice principles in a timely and effective manner, so that they may positively influence public actions regarding indoor air quality
  • Monitor the public arena for issues relevant to indoor air quality and indoor air quality professionals
  • Assess indoor air quality improvement efforts in the state
  • Coordinate development of IAQ indicators as a means to guide and assess improvement efforts


Brant Miller, P.E.
Bowdoinham, ME
bsmiller99 AT gmail DOT com

Education Committee:


  • Provide educational opportunities for the council membership
  • Develop resources, materials, and educational opportunities for other organizations and individuals with like interests



Communications & Public Relations Committee:

  • Inform general public of resources available through the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council
  • Coordinate member communications through the web site, newsletter, and membership literature
  • Facilitate media communications to educate the public on relevant and timely IAQ concerns.


Desi-Rae Severson
Maine Asthma Program
Augusta, ME
desirae.severson AT maine DOT gov

Board of Directors

In keeping with the interdisciplinary focus of the Council, the Council’s by-laws requires diversity of expertise in the following four categories:

  • Health/medical
  • Operations
  • Technical/professional
  • Public policy/Government


To help in preventing spam, all e-mail addresses will be listed in the following manner:  name AT servername DOT . 


2014-2015 Board of Directors

Kurt Johnson – President
Fresh Air Ventilation
Auburn, Maine
Residential Ventilation Design & Installation
kurt AT freshairventilationDOT



Caulfield – Immediate Past President
Turner Building Science
Harrison, Maine
Profession: Consulting Engineer, Industrial Hygienist

Desi-Rae Severson – President-Elect
Maine Asthma Program
Augusta, ME
Profession:  Research Associate

James Reny – Secretary/Treasurer
Waterville Public Schools
Waterville, Maine
Profession:  School Business Manager

Jason Donovan
Bangor Savings Bank
Bangor, ME
Profession:  Facilities Engineer

Martine Eon
Maine Health
Profession:  Clinical Lung Specialist

Joe Gray
JAD Associates
Profession:  Manufacturer’s Representative
Dennis Kingman – Past President
CES, Inc.
Brewer, Maine
Profession:  Industrial Hygienist

Ron Lessard
Indoor Ecologic
Brunswick, Maine
Profession:  Certified Industrial Hygienist

Beau Mears
Northeast Laboratory Services
Winslow, ME
Profession: President, Environmental Testing Laboratory

Brant Miller, P.E. – Past President
Mechanical Systems Consultant
Bowdoinham, ME

Greg Marles
Cape Elizabeth Schools
Profession:  Facilities & Transportation Director

Sarah Mayberry
BreatheEasy Coalition
Portland, Maine
Profession:  Program Director

Ted Small
Isaacson & Raymond
Profession:  Attorney

Mark Toth
Profession:  RST Thermal
Manufacturer’s Representative

Registered Agent: Norman Anderson
Winslow, ME

Contacting the Council:

All questions and comments may be directed to:

Christine G. Crocker
Executive Director
Maine Indoor Air Quality Council
PO Box 2438
Augusta, Maine 04338-2438
Telephone (207) 626-8115
Fax (207) 626-9015
E-mail: christy AT maineindoorair DOT org