Air Quality Resources for Maine Schools

MIAQC Best Practice Recommendation for School Air Quality
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This document outlines guidance regarding the best practice principles for achieving and maintaining healthy indoor air quality in Maine’s schools. The recommendations are based on the public health principle that prevention of indoor air quality problems is of prime importance to overall lung health. Prepared and adopted by the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council. The Council also sponsors a Speaker’s Service, sending knowledgeable presenters to local school districts free of charge to present and discuss the Recommendations and how they can be implemented in your district. Contact the MIAQC office at (207) 626-8115 to schedule a presentation.


Maine Bureau of General Services IAQ Protocol
A step by step protocol for how IAQ problems will be handled by the lead state facilities agency.

Program Manager, Div. of Safety & Environmental Services
Bureau of General Services
77 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333-0077
Tel: (207) 624-7360
Fax: (207) 287-4039

American Lung Association of Maine: Safe & Healthy Schools Project

The purpose of the American Lung Association of Maine’s Safe and Healthy Schools Project is to work with Maine schools on a broad range of environmental concerns: indoor air quality, integrated pest management, hazardous materials management, energy conservation, and occupational health and safety. Representatives of the Lung Association will meet with school representatives to identify health and safety needs and assets; develop a health & safety team; train school health & safety coordinators; develop a baseline inventory of information; conduct a facility walk-through; and develop a health & safety plan. In carrying out its project, the Lung Association makes extensive use of EPA’s Tools for Schools program (see below) as well as EPA’s work on developing environmental management systems.

Contact: Norman Anderson

(207) 622-6394

(800) LUNG-USA


EPA’s Tools for Schools

IAQ Tools for Schools (IAQ TfS) is a flexible, comprehensive resource for your school building’s health. The IAQ TfS Kit will help you identify, correct, and prevent IAQ problems. The Kit, provided to schools at no cost, includes easy-to-follow checklists, videos, sample memos and policies, a recommended management plan, and a unique IAQ problem-solving wheel. Using some or all the tools in the Kit, school officials can address IAQ problems and educate staff, students, and parents about the importance of good IAQ and everyone’s role in ensuring a healthy, comfortable learning environment. Armed with the knowledge of IAQ and commonsense preventive measures, schools can take care of most IAQ problems on their own. After all, ensuring a healthy school is an investment in your students and staff. To learn more about the IAQ TfS Kit, log on to EPA’s Web site at, or order a Kit by calling the IAQ INFO hotline at (800) 438-4318.

Maine School IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Program

Coordinated through the Maine Board of Pesticides Control, this site provides information on ways to reduce pests and the use of pesticides in Maine’s schools. Includes information on what IPM is and how to implement it in your school, plus tools and templates, Maine statutory requirements, available manuals and resources, and listings of upcoming workshops. Additional questions regarding IPM can be addressed to Kathy Murray at (207) 287-7616.

EPA’s I-BEAM Program

The EPA’s Building Assessment & Education Model (I-BEAM) is designed to be comprehensive state-of-the-art guidance for managing IAQ in commercial buildings. This guidance was designed to be used by building professionals and others interested in indoor air quality in commercial buildings. I-BEAM contains text, animation/visual, and interactive/calculation components that can be used to perform a number of diverse tasks. Available for free download or free CD-Rom.

EPA’s Mold Remediation in Schools & Commercial Buildings Guide

This document, available in HTML and PDF format (5MB file), presents guidelines for the remediation/cleanup of mold and moisture problems in schools and commercial buildings; these guidelines include measures designed to protect the health of building occupants and remediators. It has been designed primarily for building managers, custodians, and others who are responsible for commercial building and school maintenance. It should serve as a reference for potential mold and moisture remediators.

State of Maine: Facilities Management Template
Sign up for a school facilities list-serve; and obtain the school facilities management plans: extensive checklists and resources for managing your school facility. Lots of links to other resources.

School IAQ Statutes
Maine Department of Environmental Protection: School Bus Program
Guidelines and strategies for reducing student exposure to diesel fume emissions.

State of Maine: Coordinating School Health Program
The purpose of this site is to introduce eight components of Coordinated School Health Programs to school personnel, parents and students in Maine and regionally. It is designed to be used as a resource for information and networking for those involved or interested in school health issues. The physical environment section includes: CSHP guidelines for school physical environments; Maine resources and contacts; National resources and contacts; additional resources and references; extensive web site listings; laws regulations and rules that apply to Maine school facilities; and a listing of common acronyms.

Educational Plant Managers Association
A nonprofit, networking and education organization for local school facilities managers. Contact Jim Reny, Waterville, Public Schools, 873-4281 for membership information and educational opportunities.

School Law.Com
A website designed to provide easy access to legal information and resources for Maine schools, as well as helpful information on topics of general interest to school leaders. Sponsored by a local Maine law firm. Web address:

Table of Maine State IAQ Contacts
A general listing of contacts by specific IAQ/facility management concern.

Non Governmental IAQ Contacts in Maine


Additional Resources:

Maine Board of Pesticides Control –

Maine Coalition for Safe Kids – 207-778-5097

Maine Department of Environmental Protection –

Maine Department of Labor/SafetyWorks – – 207-624-6400 or 1-877-SAFE-345

Maine Drinking Water Program – – 207-287-2070.

Maine Eating and Lodging Program – -207-287-5671.

Maine Labor Group on Health, Inc. – 207-622-7823

Maine Plumbing and Wastewater Program – – 207-287-5689.

Maine Radiation Control Program, Radon/IAQ Section – Phone 207-287-5676 or 1-800-232-0842.

Maine Safety Council – Phone: 207-854-8411

Maine Schools Integrated Pest Management Program – 207-287-7616

Maine School Management Association – 622-3473

Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. (PECI) –