In addition to the live presentation, the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council makes the following resources and information available to attendees of its Residential Construction Trainings.  The Council believes this is valuable information for anyone in the residential construction industry.

If you know of additional resources that should be added to this list, please contact Christine G. Crocker, MIAQC Executive Director, at or 207-626-8115.

Supplemental Material to the Foundations Session:

Video presentation from October 2022 by Jonathan Dyer on How to Comply with the ASTM Radon Standard

Slide Deck – How to Comply with the ASTM Radon Standard

Printable Copy of the ASTM Radon Standard

Supplemental Material to the Building Shell 2023 Session

A Practical Wall System to Meet IECC 2015- Wrap & Strap

Video Recording of One-Hour Webinar by D. Johnston & B. Turner on the Wrap & Strap Method

Supplemental Material for the HVAC 2023 Session:

Video: The Indoor Generation

Note:  We do our best to update the following resources every year.  However, before relying on this information, we recommend you check the references for updated versions of this material.

Maine Building Code Information

MUBEC: Maine’s Uniform Building & Energy Code

Cost Effectiveness Analysis of the Residential Provisions of the 2015 IECC for Maine

NEEP Code Compliance Toolkit

IRC Basics

Maine DEP Erosion Control Best Management Practices

Department of Energy Information Regarding 2015 IEEC:

Colorado Codes Information:

IECC 2015 Pennsylvania Cost Comparison:

Residential Energy Dynamics: ASHRAE 62.2-2016 calculator

Home – Residential Energy Dynamics (

A Pretty Good House:

A Pretty Good Home in Maine Discussion

Thermal Barriers Over Foam

Maine Fire Marshall Guidelines Regarding Thermal Barriers Over Foam

Site Water Management Requirements (Maine)

Maine DEP Erosion Control Best Management Practices

Building Science:

Detailed Building Science Information

Range Hoods

Building Guidance and Checklists

IAQ Checklist for New Residential Construction (Maine IAQ Council)

IAQ Checklist for Residential Renovations (Maine IAQ Council)

U.S. EPA’s Indoor Air Plus Specifications

Web Link to EPA Indoor Air Plus Home Page

U.S. EPA’s Healthy Indoor Environment Protocols for Home Energy Upgrades

Building America Program’s Builder’s Challenge Guide to 40% Whole-House Energy Savings in Cold and Very Cold Climates

Read This Before You Design, Build or Renovate

Publications: Builder’s Guide to Cold Climates – updated in 2022, Moisture Control for Residential Buildings, and more by Joseph Lstiburek (Building Science Corporation)

Energy Retrofits

40% Whole -House Energy Savings in Cold Climates:

U.S. EPA’s Healthy Indoor Environment Protocols for Home Energy Upgrades

Resources, Where to Purchase Publications, Codes, Etc.

Green & Healthy Maine Homes Magazine

Healthy Indoors Magazine

Articles, Publications, and Other Resources

Video: 10 Affordable Strategies to Achieve Zero Energy Ready Homes (1 hour)

Article:  Closed Crawlspaces Do Double Duty

Article:  Investigating and Diagnosing Moisture Problems

Article:  New Home Building: 9 Things You Don’t Need, and 5 Things You Do

Dow Building Products Publication:  Why Insulate Foundations

Benjamin Obdyke Publication:  Managing Moisture in Residential Building Envelopes

Article:  Dam Ice Dam

Article:  Mind the Gap, Eh!


Read-only version of ASHRAE 62.2-2016

All read-only versions of any ASHRAE standard


Mold & Indoor Air Quality (Maine IAQ Council)

A Brief Guide to Mold & Moisture in Your Home (EPA)

Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings (useful guidance for any mold problem)

Guidance for IAQ Testing (Maine IAQ Council)

Toolkit for Managing Mold & Moisture Problems in Rental Properties (Maine IAQ Council)


Energy Efficient Mortgage Addendum

Policy on Health Basis for IAQ Recommendations