Tuesday, October 18, 2022
2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Eastern
Live Via Zoom
Fees:  $30.00 for MIAQC Members; $55.00 for Nonmembers
Discounts available for Maine Code Enforcement Officials.  Contact Paul Demers at Technical Codes Board Office for details.

*Scholarships up to $1200 per person are available through the Alfond Center for the Advancement of Maine’s Workforce.  Click here for more information.

Program Overview

Maine’s building code, the Maine Uniform Building & Energy Code (MUBEC), includes the ASTM E-1465 2008 standard, a construction standard for installing radon preventive systems in all new Maine homes.  The ASTM Standard, called “Standard Practice for Radon Control Options for the Design and Construction of New Low-Rise Residential Buildings” is a mandatory component of the MUBEC.  The standard was adopted in order to provide residential design and construction professionals with clear, best practice guidance on how to install radon preventive components in new construction to reduce lung cancer risk from exposure to radon by home occupants.

Attendees of this training will learn about the critical components of the standard and how to apply them to their next new home construction project.  You’ll learn how to manage the site work and site drainage, elements of the below slab components, proper sizing and placement of the radon pipe through the home, testing requirements, and provisions for activating the system should that be necessary.

This session will cover:

  • The scope of the ASTM E-1465 radon standard
  • The differences between passive and active radon systems
  • Guidelines for the gas permeable layer
  • Guidelines for the pipe route for both passive and active systems
  • Requirements for electrical components
  • Testing and occupancy requirements

This program is designed for architects, engineers, builders, home performance professionals, code enforcement officials, home inspectors, and licensed radon testers and mitigators.

Program Presenters:

Presenter:  Jonathan Dyer, Maine Radon Coordinator, Maine State Radiation Control Program, Augusta, Maine

Jon is a chemist and has been involved with radon in the Maine Radon Program for over 30 years.  He was founder and owner of A&L Laboratory Inc. and Radon Diagnostic Laboratory until he sold the companies in 2014. During his ownership he conducted over 80,000 air radon and water radon tests. For the past three years, Jon has served as the Maine Radon Coordinator, managing Maine’s air and water radon service provider regulatory program and its nearly 170 company and individual licensees.  Jon inspects radon mitigation systems when there is a complaint,  gives radon presentations to the public and technical training to the Maine radon industry, and answers general and technical questions for Maine residents and the Maine radon industry.

Chat Moderator:  Robert Stilwell, Maine Radiation Control Program, Augusta, Maine

Bob was the Radon Coordinator in Maine’s Radiation Control Program from 1991 to 2017. During that time he developed, implemented and enforced the states radon service provider regulations, was the primary radon point of contact for Maine, and served on several ASTM and ANSI working groups that wrote consensus radon standards including ASTM E1465-08.

Since 2017 Bob has continued to work in another part of the Radiation Control Program, and helps with radon whenever needed.

Program Schedule – Eastern Time Zone

1:45 p.m. – Webinar site opens – come tell us what you wish to learn!

2:00 p.m. – Presentation

4:00 p.m. – Wrap-up, Q & A and Post-Session Quiz Competition

4:30 p.m. – Adjourn

Continuing Education Credits

Type of Credit# Credits
BPIApproved fro 2.5 credits
Program #18021
Code EnforcementApproved for 3 credits
AIA (Architects)Submitted fro Approval
EngineersSelf-Report with Certificate of Attendance
Maine Radon SectionSubmitted for Approval


Have specific questions you want answered during the webinar?  Consider submitting them to the presenter in advance!  Email your questions to:  christy@maineindoorair.org no later than 4:00 p.m. on Monday, October 17, 2022

Questions about registration and donations can be directed to the office of the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council.  Call 207-626-8115 or e-mail christy@maineindoorair.org.

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