Adopted by the MIAQC Board of Directions on July 22, 2002
Reviewed, Updated, and Re-Adopted: October 20, 2009

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a complex issue that requires a multi-disciplinary approach.

For effective diagnosis and resolution of any IAQ problem, the MIAQC recommends that the indoor environment be evaluated from each of the following perspectives. The collective evaluation of each perspective provides valuable information that no one perspective can provide alone.

  • Medical
    Health symptoms of the building occupants; health risk of specific contaminants for building occupants; protection of building occupants from increased risk during remediation; evaluating health post-remediation; provide community health context.
  • Technical
    Determination of the root cause of the IAQ problem; development of effective solutions; strategies for remediation; protection of building occupants during remediation; prevention of future recurrence.
  • Operations
    Development of a building maintenance strategy that emphasizes prevention of future IAQ problems; knowledge of the interaction of the building systems.
  • Occupant
    Individual actions and choices can significantly effect the healthfulness of an indoor environment; key link to any symptoms of exposure to indoor pollutants; key link to determining the overall healthfulness and comfort of the environment.
  • Policy
    Analysis of the IAQ problem to determine need for change at the municipal, state, or federal policy level.