Summer 2023

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President’s Message

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This month marks the end of Erin Bouttenot’s two-year term as MIAQC Board President. We cannot thank Erin enough for all of the time and energy she put into leading this organization. Although no longer Board President, we look forward to Erin’s continued service on our Board of Directors. And, we welcome Greg Marles as he takes over the President’s position for the next two years. A huge thank you to both Greg and Erin for all you do to support MIAQC.
Final President’s Message Erin Bouttenot:

Fore! Indoor Air: In June, we enjoyed time spent together out on the golf course in support of the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council and our mission to create healthy, environmentally-sustainable indoor environments through education, communications and advocacy.

Residential Ventilation Installation Course: Thank you to Kurt Johnson, 11 year Board member, past President, and Board Treasurer. Kurt became a certified instructor for residential design & installation this past year, and has taught more than 30 Maine professionals how to design and install residential ventilation to the CSA F-326 standard.

IAQ Club Sessions: We are all learning from each other. Great conversations in our June forum on using REScheck for compliance with Maine IECC-2015.

More: We continue to work on our mold in rental properties project, giving presentations around the state on mold and IAQ issues, and researching possible alternatives to better address moisture and mold in rental units.

Welcome to Greg Marles! As the MIAQC’s 2022-23 fiscal year has ended and we embark into 2023-24, I am incredibly proud of the impact this organization continues to make. The MIAQC takes a proactive approach when it comes to indoor air quality and their achievements this year highlight their success. From trainings to policy initiatives, the MIAQC has been at the forefront of helping Mainers have healthy places to work, play, live, and learn. And we couldn’t do that without the support of our membership and partners, so an extra special thank you to you! It is also time for our next President to take on the reigns for leading the MIAQC into its new term. Greg Marles has been a supporter of the organization for many years and brings a comprehensive background of experience to the MIAQC. Please join me in giving him a warm welcome! -Erin

Feature Article: Fungi Require Moisture

uv light   Contributed by Jeffrey C. May, May Indoor Air Investigations, Tyngsborough, MA
Microfungi, commonly called “mold,” grow in soil or fan out in colonies along a surface, and subsist on biodegradable materials that include pollen and tree sap on siding; and dust, oils, fats, starches, pet-dander particles, and skin scales on interior surfaces. With few exceptions, microfungi do not degrade wood, but they produce large numbers of spores that indoors can impact human health. Read more…
Our Council Partners We couldn’t do all we do without the support of our Council Parners. Thank you!
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IAQ Stuff to Do

Building Science Discussion Group – Pretty Good Renovation

5pm, Thursday, July 27

Making a Master plan – Finding the balance points (when to say when) – Low Hanging Fruit (what’s a definite yes)

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Heating Electrification Workshop

October 25-26, 2023
Virtual Event

Our workshop will explore market strategies for electrifying the heating and cooling sector that guarantee quality, comfort, and equitable outcomes for occupants. We’ll dig into various heat pump system applications and discuss recent advancements in air source heat pumps (ASHPs) and ground source heat pumps (GSHP) for both space and water heating.


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IAQ & Energy 2023 Conference

October 30, 2023
Holiday Inn by the Bay, Portland, ME

At IAQ & Energy 2023 you’ll put it all together. All the components to design, construct, operate and repair healthy, environmentally-sustainable indoor spaces. Our event is packed with ample interactive activities and resources that you will love! Amazing education by presenters from around the country. Opportunities to explore products and services from valued vendors.  


MIAQC Logo   HBRA Maine Events Monthly meetings at Island Dog Brewing, an upcoming golf tournament, networking events, and more.

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Upcoming Events

Multiple Dates & Locations

passivhausMAINE hosts numerous energy code, residential retrofit, and high performance construction workshops. Check out their upcoming offerings.   Register

IAQ Club Series

Just like a book club, but with video. Each month, we “unlock” access to a recorded presentation from the MIAQC archives, then host a discussion forum with the original presenter so you can ask questions, get answers, learn from each other, and have a bit of fun.

Learn More

Free Webinar on Indoor Air Cleaners

August 2, 1-2:30 p.m. ET

Some air cleaners produce ozone or particulate matter, which can degrade indoor air quality. In this presentation we will examine these types of air cleaners and compare the estimated reduction in mortality due to reduced airborne disease transmission with the estimated increase in mortality due to degradation of indoor air quality. Several sensitivity studies will be presented for a range of situations, with featured speaker, Jose-Luis Jimenez, Ph.D., University of Colorado-Boulder


Call of the Month – New Technology?

The Maine Indoor Air Quality Council receives hundreds of calls each year from homeowners, tenants, employers, building managers and others with questions about indoor environments.

A community member planning an event for work and was made aware that an ozone-free bipolar ionization system to neutralize viruses, bacteria, and mold, and collect dust and pollen, was installed in the event venue. This individual was trying to gauge if this system was healthy and effective, as they regularly hold annual events there.

Our answer? As a rule, we often recommend to callers to consider simple, time-tested technologies that focus on the ultimate goal, which in this case is to remove airborne particles (allergens, dust, viruses, etc.) from the indoor air so occupants cannot be exposed to them. If you remove them, you don’t necessarily need to “kill” them.

There’s a lot we still don’t know about bi-polar ionization and other, newer, technologies. All we can recommend at this time is that you do your homework on the benefits, risks, and costs associated with these newer approaches.

Legislative Update Spring 2023

Governor Mills Signs LD 1353 into Law! The Maine Indoor Air Quality Council is very pleased to report that Governor Mills signed into law our bill to adopt the Canadian Residential Ventilation Standard (CSA F-326) as an alternative pathway for compliance with ASHRAE 62.2. CSA F-326 not only informs users how much fresh air is needed in an indoor space, it also informs users on how to deliver the air throughout the home. Details on the bill are available here

Here’s a list of other bills that were passed or carried over this session:

LD 1101: Establishing a Home Energy Scoring System : Signed into law by the governor.

LD 280: An Act to Make Schools Safer and Healthier by Increasing the Maximum Debt Service Limit: Sent to appropriations.

LD 612: An act to Create a Green Schools Coordinator for the Maine Department of Education: Sent to appropriations.

LD 611 – An Act to Create the Whole Home Repairs Program: Changed to a resolve to establish a working group under Maine State Housing Authority. Signed by the Governor.

LD721 – An Act to Preserve Historic Buildings and Promote Affordable Housing: Carried over.

LD 928 – Constitutional Right to a Healthy Environment: LR 1341 and 1712 LD 928: Unfinished Business.

LD 1185 – School Revolving Renovation Fund: Carried over.

Contractor Licensing: LD 1929: referred to the Committee on Innovation, Development, Economic Advancement, and Business Committee for further discussion.

LD 1173: Ventilation and Adequate Air Quality in State owned and leased buildings: Amended version became law without Governor’s signature.

We need help. If you would like to participate on our Policy team, we could use you! Contact Christy Crocker 207- 626-8115, christy@maineindoorair.org if you have interest.

Interesting Things to Read and Watch

Opinion | CDC’s new indoor air guidelines are a monumental victory for health – The Washington Post (washingtonpost.com)

A review of the pathways of human exposure to poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) and present understanding of health effects – PubMed (nih.gov)

Maximum CO2 Concentration Calculator – Healthy Buildings (forhealth.org)

Healthy Housing Reference Manual (cdc.gov)

Ventilation Improvements Among K–12 Public School Districts — United States, August–December 2022 | MMWR (cdc.gov)

WELL Building Standard and Air Quality (linkedin.com)

A national study to understand and prevent radon exposure: Evict Radon (evictradon.org)

Flood Cleanup and Indoor Air Quality (epa.gov)

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate in Buildings (inive.org)

Looking Ahead to Energy Codes in 2023: What’s on the Horizon? (neep.org)

Maine Climate Action Plan (maine.gov)

Gas and Propane Combustion from Stoves Emits Benzene and Increases Indoor Air Pollution (eurekalert.org)

How To Build A Corsi-Rosenthal Box – YouTube – a very fun musical rendition!

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words…

1000 words collage
Top left: Greg Marles gives a tour of the Sigco Inc facility to MIAQC Board members; Bottom left: Kurt Johnson Jr and Luke Johnson at June Golf Tournament; Center left: Board member Steve Caulfield (left) with Michael Lynch (right); Center right: Board president Erin Bouttenot explaining radon test kit analysis process; Top right: Board president Erin Bouttenot getting ready for tour of Sigco Inc. manufacturing floor; Bottom right: Board member Eric Frohmberg analyzes a mold sample.

Support MIAQC! Contact MIAQC Executive Director Christy Crocker to find out how you can participate in and support the work of the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council: 207-626-8115; christy@maineindoorair.org.
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