From Maine Indoor Air Quality Council

Practical Building Recommendations to Reduce Virus Transmission
Updated 11/23/2020
Prepared by Kristofer G. Anderson, P.E., Bath, ME

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Manage Your Home to Prevent COVID-19 (Written by Executive Director Christine Crocker for Green & Healthy Maine Homes Magazine)

The SAFEAIRSPACES COVID-19 Aerosol Relative Risk Estimator

Use your parameters for # of occupants, floor space/height, ventilation rate, filtration rate, time indoors, and use of masks to determine transmission risk.


ASHRAE Position Document on Airborne Infectious Disease

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Indoor Air and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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A web-based tool called FaTIMA:  Fate and Transport of Indoor Microbiological Aerosols

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How to Operate and Use Building Services to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19