From Maine Indoor Air Quality Council

Practical Building Recommendations to Reduce Virus Transmission
Updated 11/23/2020.
Prepared by Kristofer G. Anderson, P.E., Bath, ME

Manage Your Home to Prevent COVID-19 (Written by Executive Director Christine Crocker for Green & Healthy Maine Homes Magazine)

The SAFEAIRSPACES COVID-19 Aerosol Relative Risk Estimator

Use your parameters for # of occupants, floor space/height, ventilation rate, filtration rate, time indoors, and use of masks to determine transmission risk.


COVID-19 Response Resources

ASHRAE Technical Resources for Filtration/Disinfection
Filtration / Disinfection (

ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force: Filtration/Disinfection

New Guidance for Residential Air Cleaners
New Guidance for Residential Air Cleaners ASHRAE Journal Sep 2019 (

From Ontario Health

Air Cleaning Technologies: An Evidence Based Analysis
Air cleaning technologies: an evidence-based analysis – PubMed (

Use of Portable Air Cleaners and Transmission of COVID-19
some brief tips, plus an extensive resource list for portable air cleaners
Use of Portable Air Cleaners and Transmission of COVID-19 (

From Educational Plant Maintenance Association

EPMA HVAC Resources

From U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

On-Demand Webinar: Tools to Assess and Address IAQ Health & Safety

Indoor Air and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Air Cleaners and Air Filters in the Home

Residential Air Cleaners: A Technical Summary

From Harvard School of Public Health and Colorado University (Boulder)

Portable Air Cleaner Calculator for Schools

From National Center for Biotechnology Information

What Is an Effective Portable Air Cleaning Device? A Review
R. J. Shaughnessy1 and R. G. Sextro2
What is an effective portable air cleaning device? A review – PubMed (

From ResearchGate

MERV Filter Models for AeroBiological Applications