COVID-19 Response Resources

From U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

On-Demand Webinar: Cleaning for Health – Proactive Plans to Effectively Clean and Promote Healthy IAQ

EPA List N: Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Guidance for Cleaning & Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workspaces, Schools, and Homes
Infographic: Guidance for Cleaning & Disinfecting Public Spaces, Workplaces, Businesses, Schools and Homes (

Tools for Schools
A free, comprehensive toolkit for managing indoor environments. Focused on schools, but useful for other large, occupied spaces. Contains thorough checklists for what areas require cleaning and how best to clean various spaces and surfaces.
Creating Healthy Indoor Air Quality in Schools | US EPA

From Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Environmental Cleaning & Disinfection Recommendations

Cleaning and Disinfecting Indoor Spaces
This is a comprehensive resource for cleaning and disinfecting all types of built environments.
Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility | CDC

People with Asthma and COVID-19