Dear MIAQC Board Members:

Instead of creating, collecting, and managing Board members’ annual administrative forms on paper this year, I have created three on-line forms for you to complete and submit back to me. Please do not hesitate to call me at 207-626-8115 if you have any questions.

There are three (3) forms on this page. Completion of all three forms is requested by November 1, 2022.

Board Pledge Form:

MIAQC Board of Directors are asked to make a personal financial pledge to support the Maine Indoor Air Quality Council.  Your donation should be from personal financial resources, not those of your company or sponsoring organization.  Board members are encouraged to donate a minimum of $100, but other amounts are acceptable.  The priority is to have 100% Board donation participation, rather than a set dollar amount.  Pledges can be paid by check or credit card.   Credit card pledges can be paid with lump sum payments or in installments.  Note:  all pledges will be confidential.

Board Member Pledge Form

Annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Using the form fields below, please disclose your relationships, outside commitment interests or situations that involve you or a family member which you consider might result in or appear to be an actual, apparent, or potential Conflict between such family members or yourself on one hand and the Council on the other.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form 2022-2023

Board Fundraising “Menu” of Service

Board Fundraising Menu 2021

Options for the many ways Board members can fundraise to support the Council and its mission. You may commit to as many items as you like—but please consider selecting at least one per category (Starters, Entrees, Desserts)