Buildings are for People.

The Maine Indoor Air Quality Council is dedicated to creating healthy, productive, and environmentally sustainable indoor spaces where you can live, work, play, and learn. From development of practical strategies to design, build, operate and maintain your home, school, or office building--to communications, education, and policy--the Council is dedicated to making your indoors, a better indoors. Because after all, buildings are for people.

Featured News:
  • Does It Work?

    In this post, Jeff May, founder and principle at May Indoor Air Investigations, shares his thoughts on mechanical equipment.

  • Source Control

    Christine G. Crocker, Executive Director, Maine Indoor Air Quality Council (Originally published in Green & Healthy Maine Homes Magazine, September 2021) The ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic has underscored a critical fact that those of us in the building and environmental health industry have known for a long time:  the air indoors can be significantly more […]

  • Why Dehumidify

    Monitor your indoor RH, and dehumidify when needed. Be sure to choose one that fits your needs and space.

  • The Airborne Illness That Must Not Be Named

    Direct reference to the name of the airborne illness causing a global pandemic reduces message deliverability. Here’s how we’ll proceed.

  • It’s Too Hot!

    Take measures to protect occupant health and productivity when the indoor heat index rises.

  • Mold Clean-Up: It’s Not Clean and Cover

    Do proper mold clean-up to prevent spread of mold spores throughout your home or building.

  • Mold: To Test or Not to Test

    Let your eyes and your nose be your first, and best, mold test.

  • Follow the Moisture to Find the Fungus

    Just like people, your home needs an annual check-up. Here’s a list of places to look.

  • Allergy Season or Mold Season?

    Moisture from leaks, flooding, spills, and humidity can lead to mold growth.

  • April Showers Bring May….Mold???

    Moisture from leaks, flooding, spills, and humidity can lead to mold growth.

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